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I am so happy we got that second opinion!

I can't remember if I posted about this when it happened but I'll recap anyway! So hubby and I went to a dentist a few months ago. We were not happy. The place was outdated, the staff was not friendly, and we just didn't feel comfortable there. Then they hit us with the work that needed to be done, according to them. Me: 4 new crowns, replace 1 existing crown, wisdom teeth need to be pulled. Hubby: 3 new crowns, wisdom teeth need to be pulled, an "in depth" cleaning that will cost $100. In total, they quoted us $5000 worth of work!


Yeah, we didn't go back. So today we went to a new dentist for a second opinion. Their office was modern and equipped. Every member of the staff shook my hand and introduced themselves to me. They answered all of my questions and explained everything in detail. And then we talk about work that needs to be done. Me: 3 fillings, wisdom teeth are just fine. Hubby: 1 crown, 2 wisdom teeth need to come out the other two are okay for now, an intense cleaning but certainly won't cost us $100. Total estimate: $700.


I mean, holy crap! How do dentists like that exist? What complete scam artists! I was stunned. We are definitely staying with this new dentist for sure.