I've read 76 out of 249 pages.

Destruction: The December People, Book One - Sharon Bayliss

Ugh *rubs temples*, I am just so annoyed at this part of the story. "Hey husband, you are a wizard, only you don't know it...I am too, and the kids, including the children from your affair that you brought home yesterday. You don't remember because I did magic on you to remove your memories so that you didn't have to remember the abuse your deranged wizard father did to you. It was for your own good."


Magic is not a cop out for not wanting to explain something. There is always consequences to magic like this, there should be. Meddling with someone's brain is serious business, meddling with their memories and their sense of self. And doing it against their will and without their knowledge. Yet, she had no consequences for doing such a thing. They got married, they had 3 kids, they were successful, and he was the husband she always wanted. That's annoying.