An interesting journey to this site

I was recently listening to a radio program and they talked about their new sponsor, NatureBox. They send you healthy snacks once a month with great variety. The hosts went on and on about how great the snacks were. I have a terrible time snacking healthily so I thought it sounded like it was worth investigating.


I googled to find reviews and was shocked. I saw so much bad! Expired snacks, snacks that said they were not expired but were rancid, terrible customer service, the company sending "expired" coupon codes and refusing to honor them. This radio program has never steered me wrong before and I was shocked by what I found. But I noticed something. In every single review (and comments on those reviews) they mentioned Graze being so much better...interesting.


So I went and looked at Graze. First, their snacks sound fantastic. And it seems like they make it so easy to rate the stuff so that you are not getting snacks you don't like or might have an allergy to. They let you set up once a week or every 2 week deliveries. Cancel anytime. Free shipping always. And it's pretty cheap. I ordered my first box and we will see how it goes. If it's any good I will post my friend code here (I think it offers you the 1st and 5th box for free if you use it) for anyone who might want to try.