It's all starting to make sense to me now....

Out of sheer, utter curiosity I decided to look at the Author Q&A for LKH. I was curious what kind of things she would get asked by her loyal and deluded fanbase.


First question I see was something about how negative reviews affect her. *facepalm* Her answer was something like "haters gonna hate, I don't read reviews unless my publisher sends them to me."


Then I see a question asking about why Anita doesn't have jealousy with Envy and I see this....."Also, I, my husband, our girlfriend, and her husband, are polyamorous, so personally don't have a problem with sharing."


I think I now understand why Anita became a sex fiend and the books lost all plot, the author decided to just write about her own sex life. As someone who has dabbled in polyamory in the past I can say that it never took over my writing....I wonder what the difference is there....



Also this question was enlightening. "What brought you to the turning point in Anita's story where she was less about her career and more about all the other characters she took under her wing and into her home?"

Answer: "Anita and I both got tired of killing things,and wanted to see if there was any life in her life. If Anita were a real life police officer she would never have been allowed to stay so long in a unit this violent. You just burn out and need a change."


Yes, yes we all suspected as much.