I've read 62 out of 191 pages.

Surrender - Tawny Taylor

I normally keep my erotica reading private, but hey I figured why not....


"He pushed deep inside, teasing the entrance to my womb. Filled me with pure perfection."


Clearly this author has never had a partner bump up against the "entrance to her womb" before. I only have one word for that, ow, ow, ow!



Then 5 pages later he wants to do anal, she never has before. He says that he has never made her do anything for didn't want to before and wouldn't start now so tell me when you want to try. Then a paragraph later is like "hey, trust me, you'll love it!"


First, yes you did make her do something she didn't want at first....but since this is kind of a dubcon I didn't really think twice about it, but don't lie. And two, then you did not wait for her to tell you, you pushed her into it...again doing something she had just said she didn't want.


Overall this hasn't been bad, but those two parts irritated me.