oh....my.....god! it's book mecca!

Ladies and Gents, I have just discovered something that is such extreme awesomeness that I can barely contain myself.


Arizona is the host of the annual VNSA Used Book Sale! Every second weekend in February this group assembles on the state fairgrounds and display thousands of used books. All for sale at prices you usually see at a FOL sale.


And as if that wasn't great enough....Sunday is half off day.



AND, if you aren't dying yet....they have a special area where you can keep your books and they will hold them for you as you continue to browse.



AND.....they offer shopping carts for those who need more space than a few bags.


AND....they have a special section out front as a "loading zone".



I think I'm in love with the people organizing this. This is my new vacation destination. I might cry with joy!  Now, how do I wait the nine months until the next one.....