I've read 91 out of 174 pages.

The Here and Now - Ann Brashares

I am so confused.


First Prenna says that the entire world subsists with pencil and paper, no computers. Now she's talking about how everyone in her time catalogued their every memory and were implanting these memory recording devices in their ear and how important technology was. Wait, what? I can understand if she was talking about technology going away after the plague, but the way she said it earlier made it sound like her whole life....


And then she says that this was dengue fever, but then says it has mutated so much that it's something almost completely different....but her father is tracking cases of dengue fever to trace the plague. How would that be helpful unless you identified the mutations? Which, considering the number of dengue cases every year around the world would be virtually impossible to narrow down where the mutations started and ended.