I've read 61 out of 174 pages.

The Here and Now - Ann Brashares

Um, okay. So, I was liking this to begin with but now I'm having issues:


1. If Prenna knows that they are spying on her, and that people who break the rules mysteriously die by "accident" then why does she break the rules while being spied on every 2 pages? For someone with a superior IQ she's kinda dumb.


2. Dengue fever is rarely deadly, not fun by any means but not very lethal. So why was this the plague of choice? Seems misguided to me.


3. In the future they recycle clothes, they are practically starving and don't have enough food to go around, and they don't even have computers anymore and have to resort to pencil and paper......but they conquered time travel? One of these things doesn't belong....If they can conquer time travel why exactly can they not create a vaccine for this plague?