Lost Souls - Lisa Jackson Lisa Jackson, what is happening with you? You’ve made me sad, very sad. I have been a fan of this series, and another of hers too, from the first book. The last book in this series disappointed me but it still had a few strong points. This book not only was disappointing, there were no strong points. Every sentence of this book reminded me of every other book in the series so far. And Kristi just irritated the living hell out of me. However, I am getting ahead of myself.Let’s address Kristi first. In the beginning I liked Kristi quite a bit. She was intelligent, sassy, street savvy, and one of the better characters in my opinion. But somewhere along the way Kristi lost her brain. It might have fallen out her ear when she was abducted by a serial killer in the last book. I’m just not sure what happened. First, she seems to have trouble remembering whether she likes her stepmother or not. In one paragraph she says that she likes her and just a page later she says that they don’t really get along too well. Well, which is it? Then she moves and becomes obsessed with missing girls at her college. Gee, that sounds smart! Next thing you know, she’s running around doing all those TSTL things that make me despise so many YA heroines. For the record ladies, it is NEVER a good idea to walk home in the dark when you know someone is watching you just because you’re too stubborn to let your ex drive you home. Things like that made her really get on my nerves. Also ignoring her instincts. Her instincts are excellent for sensing trouble, unfortunately she’s too stupid to listen to them. She actively recognizes that her instincts are correct and then disregards them.The plot has been done so many times in this series. Kristi must have a serial killer attractant tattooed on her ass, because she seems to be the perfect victim type for every serial killer on the planet. Which brings me to another plot point. The actual whodunnit was not that great of a reveal. One part of it was painfully obvious, to the point where the characters were making observations about how obvious it was. The other two were so obscure that not a single clue was given through the entire book over who it was. But in the end there was nothing about the plot that was different or new and exciting. It was just like all the other books in the series except more boring.One last annoyance, isn’t this series about Bentz and Montoya? We hardly saw either of them at all. Kristi should never have been a main part of this series because she just isn’t interesting enough. All the good people got taken out and the book suffered for it.This and other reviews at Stefani's World of Words